Monday, August 2, 2010

Hella Better Dancer: Way Ahead of Their Time.

The Roundhouse launched their new record label last month and released their first two EPs (see the previous post for details).

Today, we review “Please Stay Here” by Hella Better Dancer:

Electrifying riffs, classic vocals, tight drumming and a powerful groovy bass drive this debut record all the way home. The freshman EP is simply way ahead of its time. The maturity of the songwriting displayed by these young musicians is purely mind blowing. “The City Sea,” really brings the record full circle, displaying the band’s true talent. With a spacey, unforced intro, intricate guitar rhythms quickly build and morph this journey into an explosive all out jam.

- Text by Luke Bilek. Image of Hella Better Dancer by Evan Kaucher.

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