Sunday, August 1, 2010

Ghosts You Echo: Chilling and Captivating.

The Roundhouse in Chalk Farm officially launched their new label, Roundhouse Records, on July 20th with an electrifying showcase of the label’s artists.

The event also marked the official release of Roundhouse Records’ first two EP’s.

Today, we review “Bare Bones” by Ghosts You Echo:

Victoria Wijeratne’s solo project masterfully crafts a sound really like none other. Wijeratne is able to seamlessly blend catchy acoustic guitar playing with intricate drum machine beats. Chilling vocals are the key to this captivating record, leaving you with goose bumps all the way to the very end. “Bare Bones” brings a new progressive edge to such a vintage sound. The final track, “Trouble in the Veins,” will take you on a ride as it builds to a spooky climax of eclectic sounds.

- Text by Luke Bilek. Video courtesy of The Roundhouse.


Coffee said...

What's the other band she's in? I could probably google it, but I'm difficult.

LB said...

she was in a group before, Marionettes, but it was never really taken to the next level. She wrote a lot of material with the group though which is seen in her solo recordings now. She's also performing this EP with a backing band and plans to venture into a full band for recording at some point in the near future.