Friday, July 23, 2010

Olly the Octopus "Takes a Piss Out of Everyone."

Belting out across the room at 93 Feet East, it didn’t take Olly the Octopus very long to get the audience going.

Gordon Brown,” a clever political twist on The Strangler’s classic "Golden Brown" is just one of Olly’s many satirical political tunes. In "A Call to Arms for Hippies," Olly ropes you into his choruses with catchy hooks like, "We should learn from the hippies why the movement failed/ Hippies don’t run for government and politicians don’t inhale."

This guy is a true entertainer who was able to get a somewhat stiff crowd to sing along with him in a matter of minutes.

Originally in the band My Cousin Kate, Olly (nee Oliver Price), 30, now records with other bands such as Lulu and the Lampshades, while continuing to do his acoustic bit as well.

“Music is the one true international language," he says.

This satirical folkster simply wants to help spread a message.

”I like taking a piss out of everyone," he says. "Including myself.”

- Text by Luke Bilek. Image by George Miller.

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