Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Danceable Punk at The Lexington.

Sex Beet, a three-man punk band from South and East London, took the stage at The Lexington and played loud, fast beats, creating a raw sound with inaudible lyrics.

The band contains a keyboard player, which adds a bright color to the songs – although the band complemented the perkiness with an apathetic attitude.

Sex Beet (right) seem to take their influence from new bands like Black Lips, taking punk and making it more danceable. It was surprising the number or people who were able to stay seated during upbeat, mock-Beach Boys songs like “She Don’t Surf.”

But it was still early in the night.

A larger crowd piled in for the next set, Not Cool (right), another three-piece punk band but with a lot more boyish passion and energy.

The eight-month old, South London trio’s sound has a punk influence but mixes in pop to sound something like a more up-tempo Bloc Party. They brought the growing crowd to their feet, as they will likely do at their next gig at The Big Chill on August 8th.

Headliners Wild Palms (top image) were great performers with front man Lou Hill stealing the show. His vocals were clear and spot on even as he doubled as keyboard player/ synth-drum pounder. Hill frequently stared out into the crowd as though he was in another world, with smoke and green spot-lights flashing all around him.

Despite the futuristic look of the performance, Wild Palms' sound is more like post-punk, taking influence from the likes of Joy Division but with more of a modern, indie feel.

Wild Palms will play for large crowds soon enough while touring festivals threw out Europe.

- Text by Meghan Agnew. Images by Grace Dickinson.

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